Most dental pain is caused by inflammatory nerve pain or an abscess which forms once a nerve is dead or necrotic. For inflammatory pain anti inflammatory drugs will assist. If a nerve dies completely then either the pain will disappear initially until bacteria invades the empty space inside the canal and multiplies causing localised or spreading infection. This is known as an abscess and if left untreated can cause swelling and severe pain. The most effective way to stop this pain is either by removing the tooth or cleaning the canals of the tooth (known as root canal treatment see above). Antibiotics will assist temporarily until either of these treatments can be undertaken.

Other causes of dental pain are dentinal sensitivity (sensitive to cold air/ drinks) tooth grinding or trauma via an accident where the tooth has been knocked. It is best to contact us for a through examination, x-rays if necessary for diagnostic purposes and prescriptions for any medication you may require to help you manage your discomfort.